For Men

Is something wrong? Are you off your game? Are you experiencing disturbing symptoms?

  • Libido loss
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Thinning hair
  • Weight gain
  • Decreased muscle mass
  • Increased joint pain
  • Hot flashes
  • Night sweats
  • Fatigue
  • Low energy
  • Mood swings
  • Depression
  • Insomnia

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As we get older, our bodies produce fewer hormones, which leads to the symptom we associate with aging. You may be starting to notice that your sexual desire is lessening and your ability to perform sexually is dwindling, or that you’re gaining weight and have less energy. Is this how it has to be, or is there something you can do about it? At Progressive Health and Rejuvenation, we offer treatments that can boost your sexual performance, make you look and feel younger, and help improve your body function.

Isn’t it time to stop suffering and start living your best life? Let our experienced staff develop a comprehensive, customized program for you that includes medical and non-medical age-management treatments:

Testosterone Replacement

While women produce testosterone, testosterone is known as the male sex hormone. It is this hormone that is responsible for male characteristics, such as a man’s chest hair, muscles, deep voice and his sex drive. During puberty, a man’s testostero...

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Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

We can’t all be Superman. When we get older, we have a harder time making those hormones that are crucial to properly functioning bodies. When hormone levels dip, sex drive can plummet. Hair loss and sleeping problems often rear their ugly heads. ...

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Erectile Dysfunction

Are you having a little “trouble” in the bedroom lately? If so, you are not alone! More than half of all men experience erectile dysfunction, or ED, at some point. The causes of ED include: High blood pressure Diabetes Prostate issues Ev...

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Low Testosterone

Testosterone is the male hormone produced in the testicles that stimulates sperm production, gives men their sex drive, and is responsible for building muscle and bone mass. As men age, the production of testosterone diminishes. When the level of ...

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Human Growth Hormone for Men

Human growth hormone, also known as HGH or GH, is produced naturally in the body’s pituitary gland and released into the bloodstream. Essential to bone and cartilage growth in children and adolescents, HGH helps keeps cells young, strong and healt...

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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

What are bioidentical hormones? Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) using synthetic hormones has been associated with adverse side effects, including increased risks of cancer and heart disease. That’s why many HRT providers now take a more natural ...

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Diet & Workout Programs

While hormone therapy is a critical component of any anti-aging regimen, nutrition and exercise are vital, too. Watching your diet and exercising regularly help eliminate the effects of aging, while keeping you fit and feeling younger. Additionall...

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Lifestyle Coaching for Men

Progressive Health and Rejuvenation is here to cheer you on your path to improved health through lifestyle coaching. We analyze your medical situation and lifestyle, and then we offer you the tools and support you need to fight the aging process. ...

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Nutraceuticals for Men

Nutrition is vital to optimal aging, but many of us do not get all the nutrients we need through diet alone. Pharmaceutical-grade supplements help fill the gap between the nutrients we need and those that we get through our food. A nutraceutical i...

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