Diet & Workout Programs

Diet & Workout Programs

While hormone therapy is a critical component of any anti-aging regimen, nutrition and exercise are vital, too. Watching your diet and exercising regularly help eliminate the effects of aging, while keeping you fit and feeling younger. Additionally, you may lose some weight, which improves your overall health and can help prevent or forestall the onset of some diseases.


You should exercise regularly (at least 2 – 3 times a week) to build strength, maintain muscle and bone mass, stay fit and look younger, and to help prevent heart disease, stroke and diabetes. While we can customize an exercise program just for you, a typical age-management exercise routine should include:

  • Strength and resistance training
  • Cardio to increase aerobic capacity
  • Multi-joint exercises to boost testosterone

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The staff at Progressive Health and Rejuvenation is prepared to recommended dietary changes to help our patients counter the effects of aging. Healthy eating and reduced caloric intake helps keep your weight down, while consuming specific nutrients — and avoiding others — can improve your health, help fight disease, slow the aging process, and protect against damaging UV rays that cause lines and wrinkles. While our staff can customize a diet for you based on your body mass and weight as well as food allergies and sensitivities, here are some basic dietary guidelines:

  • Consume plenty of anti-aging foods such as:
    • Leafy green vegetables and other foods rich in Vitamin E
    • Citrus fruits and other foods rich in Vitamin C
    • Grape juice
    • Cheese
    • Protein (preferably low-fat cuts)
    • Fatty fish
    • Whole grains
    • Colorful produce
  • Drink healthier beverages:
    • Low-fat dairy
    • Green tea
  • Avoid these foods that make you look older:
    • Sugar
    • Saturated fats
    • Alcohol

“Younger men and women tell me that they’ve rarely seen a man my age so fit and in such great physical shape. I know that without the Progressive Health protocols, I could not maintain the lean muscle mass that I have at my age, nor would I have the strength and resiliency to reverse the heart and circulatory conditions that I developed at a relatively early age. Thank you, Progressive Health!” *
G.B., California

*Individual results and patient experiences may vary. Each individual’s treatment and/or results may vary based upon the circumstances and the patient's specific situation.