Nutraceuticals for Women

We all know that good nutrition leads to better health and a slowing of the aging process, but we don’t always get the nutrients we need from what we eat. That’s why nutraceuticals are so important — they close the gap between the nutrients we need and those we get from food. Nutraceuticals are safe and effective pharmaceutical-grade supplements that combine the nourishing food elements with a medical drug.

Health Benefits of Nutraceuticals

Generally, women are more likely than men to seek natural products that help preserve their health and extend their lives. While we’re not sure exactly how they fit into women’s biological or physiological processes, we do know that nutraceuticals play a role in improving health. Nutraceuticals increase immunity and cell growth, help prevent or forestall the onset of some chronic diseases, prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs) and yeast infections, help manage the bothersome symptoms of menopause, and help maintain a healthy weight. The extent to which they help us varies among individuals; it is believed that one’s genetic tendency toward disease as well as lifestyle factors like smoking and drinking have an effect on our response to these products.

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Four Types of Nutraceuticals

  • Dietary Supplements
    Dietary supplements work by providing extra nutrition. Supplements are simply nutrients from food products that are concentrated into powders, liquids, pills or capsules.
  • Functional Foods
    These include whole foods and fortified or enriched foods. They provide more health benefits than women typically get from nutrients in food alone.
  • Medicinal Foods
    Once you have a disease, it is more difficult to eat and properly digest the right foods. In this case, something extra is required to give the patient the extra nutrition needed to help her manage her disease or condition. Medicinal foods containing specific dietary components are prescribed and supervised by a doctor.
  • Farmaceuticals
    “Farmaceuticals” are medical compounds are made from modified agricultural crops or animals. These nutraceutical are more natural and cost-effective to manufacture than those produced conventionally.

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