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My story is not uncommon. Like many women, I have yo-yo dieted my entire life. I have done them all; always looking for the quick fix. After the birth of my son, 5 years ago, those diets just didn’t work anymore. I found myself eating 1200 calories a day with excessive workout sessions. This left me weak, irritable, and unsatisfied with my body. After being introduced to the medical staff at Progressive Health Institute, a simple blood test revealed that my hormones were almost non-existent, and no matter how low I dropped my calories, how intense those workout sessions were, the results I sought would never be there. My before and after from only ONE year of treatment are definitely worth celebrating. I am living my life, balancing everything in between and still seeing results. My monthly cycle is finally regulated, mood is enhanced, skin is clearer, and of course, my sex drive has increased, TREMENDOUSLY. There is still work to do, but I know that by following the treatment plan set forth by the physicians at PHI, my goals are finally within reach.”

After 18 years in the automotive industry. I was working 65 hours a week and eating everything and anything, whenever I could to the point of major discomfort and obesity. I am 5 foot 10 inches and weighed 312 lbs at over 50% body fat. A long-time friend got involved in HRT therapy and advised me to look into it. After minimal research I decided to visit a clinic to get started with my blood work. I found that I was really unhealthy at the age of 36. I started with basic HRT Therapy and a healthy diet. After 30 days I lost 35lbs and started to do very light exercise. I was sold!! After 60 days I had lost 50lbs, but still weighing over 260 lbs.

At this point I was ready for a major lifestyle change. I decided to get more involved and extend my knowledge so I went to the A4M (American Academy for Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine) where I got tremendous knowledge about the human body and its functionality from several doctors and specialists. I then decided to take advantage of an opportunity to be a Patient Coordinator with with a HRT clinic and resigned from my high-paying management position with a luxury car dealer. As I got more involved in a healthy and fit lifestyle alongside a doctor prescribed plan of medications, natural supplementation, and a more healthy diet, I lost another 60 lbs over the next 12 months for a total loss of over 110 lbs.

At this point I was so thrilled with my personal results and the results of others that I was working with, that I decided to open Progressive Health and Rejuvenation. I owned and built the company for over 5 years before selling it to to a friend / investor who had the financial capability to help nurture and grow the business. In the sale of the company, I stayed on as the Director of Operations/Manager to help with the continued growth of this company.

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Four and half years ago I made a decision that would change my life forever. I was tired of living the way I was. Fighting drugs and alcohol was a never ending battle that had taken a toll not only mentally but physically on me. Being a person that had always been very active in sports and had maintained usually good physical health, I had somehow become the exact opposite. The day I walked into a rehab facility I was both physically and mentally drained. Through a lot of listening and hard work, thirty days later I walked out a new person looking to re-establish myself into the world. Being out of shape I went back to the gym very slowly, but noticed that after two years away, something had changed. My energy level was just not there and the recovery from working out had diminished. I tried to work through it, but realized at 48 years of age things just weren’t getting better.

I had heard many things about Hormone replacement clinics but really never thought much of them. I just thought they sold products to athletes or bodybuilders. I did a little research and decided to call Progressive Health. This phone call changed everything. With the help of their on staff doctors and nurses, hormone replacement therapy that has not only restored my energy level and recovery time from exercising but has also reduced my body fat and increased my libido.

I know there is nothing that can make me 20 years younger but with the professionals working at Progressive Health it really feels and looks like I am. The way this clinic works and the professionalism exuded when I went in to become a patient, made it very easy for me to make a career change which has enabled me to pass on my experience on by becoming a clinical advisor for the company. Working for Progressive Health Institute over the past few years has not only been personally rewarding but I also think I have been able to help hundreds more like myself. If you suffer from any of the above situations that I have experienced or even something else that the aging process has taken away. Do something about it. Call….

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